Misguided & Gilded

As she went she whispered to herself, “O Shepherd, when you said that Love and pain go together, how truly you spoke.”

Hinds feet on high places, hannah hurmard

An elegant gilded love triangle is built between abused children and their predators. If this abuser was or is your parent, that love triangle is an even more beautiful design.

Playing this love card through is where many of us get stopped in the healing process. Dr. Henry Cloud said, “Forgiveness only takes one person: you. But reconciliation takes two.” The point is that seldom does a victim truly reconcile with an abuser. More likely what is happening is the sickening bond of childhood is still being played out — either with the abuser or someone filling in the role of that abuser.

Love does not live with people who can abuse a child. It simple does not.

This belief keeps us entangled on so many various levels. Push past needing the love, acceptance and guidance of an abuser in your life. This is a misguided role in you that they started.

U C U (you see you!). Keep your eyes off your abuser and you will walk into more truth.

It will entrap you to only look at others. God is looking for you.

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