The Challenge of Reprieve

I am going to take a respite from my blog until after the holidays. I need rest. I need time with my family.

I also received my manuscript back from a professional editor. I will be working on the final edit before publication. So, it’s not a full reprieve.

The title A Prisoner by No Crime of My Own will be out in 2022.

The editor returned my manuscript with a note, “I love this story.”

Puzzled, I asked her why.

Her response:

More than anything, it’s your spirit, which permeates every line of this. This is such a horrendous story, and it’s oh-so easy to descend into pathos–which you never do. 
We’re there with you through the horrors. The molestation is heart crushing. The murder, my god. And the reader roots for you as you painstakingly put together the pieces. 
In the end, this is a true success story–you came out the other side, your spirit intact. 
I’m sure you know the statistics of early sexual molestation. I’m always just so shocked. So there are a lot of folks who can benefit from this! 

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Happy holidays! I’ll be back at it soon.

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