Righteousness is simply right standing before God. Well, unless you have a righteousness of your own and many abusers do.

I’ve seen so many abusers with this self-proclaimed righteous behavior. They literally walk around as if they are better than you. I’ve also seen abusers that have no righteousness at all.

Either way abusers deceive not only their victims by onlookers and those passing by.

Sadly, a lot of predator’s lives look better on the outside than the lives of their victims. Victims fall prey to all the deceptive crap piled on them and the judgment of those passing by.

Many childhood victims of sexual crimes fall into sexual behaviors and addiction. The pain being too high to bear walking in reality, we succumb to the voices that hurt us. We keep believing that we were made for the sexual use of others. We mistakenly believe we have no value outside of what we give sexually. Your pain will increase if you try to be better and dissect the past and on and on the voice of our abusers play in the recesses of our minds.

How would an adult that sexually abuses a child look righteous? They do it all the time. They eek with a confidence they shouldn’t have. They smell of a god they created to make them look good. They hide the debauchery inside them with the wealth of warm-hearted people wanting to believe all people have some good.

All people do not have some good. Righteousness comes only from God. You don’t create it, earn it, or manipulate it.

Here’s Where You Find Redemption

Righteousness is simply, “right standing with God.”

Do you think your abuser has this? Have they apologized to you for exactly what they did or do they live in denial and expect you to?

Righteous people say they are sorry. They are full of repentant behavior. Therein lies God’s righteousness. Reconciliation can only occur if the abuser is remorseful. There is no other way.

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