Eaten Worms

There are worms that won’t harm you if you swallow them, but there are worms that can be extremely harmful.

Incestuous relationships are like eating harmful worms and having them live inside you wreaking havoc. They create a system of shame and disappointment. Trustworthiness is no where to be found in these caverns created by these creatures.

They are parasites.

How do you rid yourself of these parasites?

Dreams that come haunting you when you least expect them. A desire that was driven from abuse. Paralyzing grief that keeps you away from good relationships.

The struggle is real. The fight can feel persistent. With vigilance I’ve waited for these creatures to reappear. Daily I battle and sometimes I get fatigued with the strength it takes to overcome in this journey.

Is it okay to fall down and give up for a minute?

I think so, although I don’t like to. I feel like I’ve lost some time and not been perfect. Oh, wait – there’s that ugly word – P E R F E C T.

No I can’t be perfect. Some days I win. Some days I lose. Some days the sun is brightly shining and nothing can go wrong. Some days I feel the loss and pain of yesterday and I just want to disappear.

You know what? I think its okay. I have flesh and blood. I bleed. I hurt. I cry. I sing. I dance. It’s all part of the journey.

If pain left me completely, would I be whole?

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