The Rock

You can do a lot of things with a rock. What comes to your mind? What comes to my mind is you can bury a body under a rock. Placing a body underneath the weight of a stone leaves it almost unrenderable – undetected with the natural eye.

Do you know why a body will most likely never be found under a stone? It’s simple, really.

Most people DO NOT want to turn stones over.

Abusers rely on this fact. They build their life around it. Abusers know something we do not: people thrive in denial. They love their unaccountability to the facts. People stay hidden because they know their secrets are hidden under the rock.

Doesn’t it seem like we all want to sincerely find the truth in life? Ask yourself this question: how much of your truth does the guy next to you know? The answer is probably not very much.

People like to believe we all live outside of the shadows of denial, but do we? Even the police officers I’ve met like to stay a little bit in the recesses of listening to the easiest story. When an officer is pushed to determine who is telling the truth, they seem to cave on the side of the liars.

You know why? Caving to deception is always easier than believing the truth.

The wind was howling last night and it woke me up. In the night hours I thought of my father telling me he was sorry for murdering that woman – or, he was sorry for the guilt I had that I was sharing with him.

Because no one will help me remove the stone that hides this murdered woman, I have to live with the fact that her murderers are essentially exonerated of their guilt. Donald Craig Holbrook is still living and he got away with murder. What does my mother know of this crime? I’m sure a lot.

I’m working on a book that will tell her story the day she was murdered. To her memory I declare that I will turn the stone over and tell everything I know.

So help me God.

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