Jewels, Gems & Gunpowder

I would love to hear from you! Sharing Saturday with you.

Jewel: What day of the week doesn’t have a form of condemnation in it? I wish I woke up and felt worthy of the entire day, but I’d say most days I still struggle to find my worth. If I manage to find my worth, I struggle with feeling that I’ve done something wrong.

On the subject of doing something wrong, I wonder how I manage each day. I so often think I’m doing something wrong. I drank too much wine or I didn’t eat the right kind of food. Did I say enough to my loved ones? Did I not say enough to them?

Oh my mind, it just doesn’t want to stop.

My jewel this week is that I am forcing myself into grace. I am demanding that I speak only kind words to myself, even if I believe I have failed.

Gem: I want to like myself more each day.

Metaphorical Gunpowder: I am going to replace the scarlet letter that has dominated my life with an angelic halo. I want to see myself as God sees me. Perfect through the blood and work of His son. Infallible I am not, but I am learning to see myself the way my Heavenly Father sees me.

Leave a one line jewel, a one line gem or something you kept yourself free from with metaphorical gunpowder.

Be extra kind to yourself today.

Happy Saturday!

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