Mighty Foes

We leave our abusers kicking and screaming. Why is that? Shouldn’t we want to run away as fast as we can?

We glorify them in our minds and say the sexual abuse was sustainable – it really wasn’t that bad. If it was family, we take it a step further and go underground so we don’t lose family.

For the rest of our lives if we keep the secret the abuser gets to sit at the table with us.

This should not be so!

Satan came to kill, steal and destroy (John 10:10). Doesn’t that sound just like the byproducts of sexual abuse?

It sure does.

Yet so many of us remain close in proximity to our abusers, never confronting them and have some lame-assed story to justify it and put it away.

God would never want you to “put it away!” It’s not who He is. He came to heal the broken hearted and set the captive free (Luke 4:18). There are multitudes that carry a broken heart because what didn’t kill us, left us walking lame in life, stole our dignity and destroyed our peace and harmony in this world.

Sexual predators don’t deserve the made-up stories we give them. “They’re not that bad,” we say. “They gave me a type of love I needed,” we reason. We make up a cover story that we tell ourselves in order move on.

The truth is if you haven’t told your story, your story is still controlling you.

These abusers are mighty! They are crafty. Have you ever thought about who told you the stories you tell? That story was most likely crafted by the abuser and you stepped into it and continue to carry it.

Dissect that story and you will find the bones of that made-up story you’re telling most likely came from the one that abused you.

These are mighty foes! They need to be defeated. They need to be held to a strong accountability for the wrongs they’ve done. Instead, we give them fake forgiveness and unsubstantiated grace by hiding their truth. Or we hold them in contempt and let them control our lives through unforgiveness.

Don’t hide for these folks! Tell on them.

We are God’s warriors. Stand like you are one!

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I have the courage to tell my story to help others embrace theirs.

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