It’s Just So Easy

Millions of us will choose not to tell our story. Deeper still, millions will choose to hide and deny their truth.

It’s just so easy to walk away from the past, or, is it?

It breaks my heart, actually.

It was not easy to tell my story. Can you imagine calling the police about a murder you witnessed when you were three? Okay, so I turned four the next month and you bet that was important to me. Why?

Who was going to believe me? They were going to call me a quack! Say I was nuts.

I did it anyway. You know why?

It was my turn. My father had chosen my path. My mother stood right beside him in his choices. Now, it was my turn to decide.

I wanted and needed to be seen. This murdered woman deserved a witness. I am her testimony to the crime that took her life. I am my own witness to the crimes that tried to take mine.

Do you find yourself worthy of that great love? A love that reveals your heart? The very essence of who you are?

I believe you’re worthy.

Do you?

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