Brain Freeze

My mind didn’t heal me any more than my mind could heal a broken bone in my body.

My mind has most often been an enemy set out to teach me to retreat, run or hide. Don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful I had my mind for that very reason. The problem is if I stay in the territory of just my mind, it can become a prison.

My mind doesn’t carry my emotions – it manages them. Those are two very different things.

Emotions are stored in the body and generated by the heart. They can lead to goosebumps on your arms, tears in your eyes and move you into a feeling of hope.

I don’t believe it is our mind that generates these things. And, so, true also, it is not your mind that can heal the deepest sadness that abuse leaves.

How can your mind generate the feelings of joy, our embark on a journey led by sadness?

It’s true that we use our mind to understand these great mysteries, but again – the mind is manipulating what our bodies are feeling. The mind can control only so much when it comes to healing.

What a terrible feeling it would be if I broke my leg and someone commanded me to heal it! With just my mind!

I feel like the world of healing does this far too often with our emotional damage left by the hurricanes of abuse. These “healers” and “methods of healing” can certainly show you all the broken pieces and they can even hand you some tools to reconcile it.

Wait, what? It’s my job to now fix myself?

I know that there is a healing that comes from God that washes over me. Of course, I’ve had to put in the work of allowing God to restore my memories; memories not only housed in my mind but my body memories, too.

If we just try to reconcile through our mind, that’s all we achieve. A reconciled mind.

The whole body approach is worth its weight in gold. But, what does that mean?

Jesus said that He came to “heal the broken-hearted.” If we could heal our own heart, why did He need to come?

How does a mind retrain the soul to trust? Does your mind earn the loyalty of others?

I don’t think so.

Just as I cannot heal a broken elbow, I cannot heal my broken heart, nor do I even want to try to do that alone.

I’m leaving that in the capable hands of my best friend. It’s what He came to earth to do. It’s not my job, it’s His.

Let Him do for you, what you cannot!

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