A Parent’s Peril

If a parent chooses not to look at and find their own pain, they will not and cannot see the pain of their child.

If a parent chooses to ignore reality, they will ignore the reality of their child’s life, too.

When you begin to explore your own pain, when you find the desire to find your own story – then and only then can you find the pain and story of your child.

Parents have a tendency to want to minimize suffering for their children. The easiest and fastest route to this end – denial.

When a child defiantly tells you they need more, you find your well of truth has been drained dry.

I wasn’t selfish for going back and exploring my painful past. It was out of the love for my children and the love I received from God that opened those floodgates.

The day a human being stops healing or at least trying to heal, is the day they start dying.

Choose life!

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I have the courage to tell my story to help others embrace theirs.

2 thoughts on “A Parent’s Peril

  1. Truth! If more parents genuinely faced their pain they would not need to pass it down or they could apologize too once they realized and owned the hurt they caused.. When we do not get this it takes so much longer to heal.. and stop blaming ourselves..

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