Blood Thirsty

Society is too easy on abusers. They just are. These men and woman who rape and mangle the innocent – they know what they’re doing. They are calculated creatures who spend their time deceiving and changing the truth to fiction.

Why is it so hard for folks to believe these abusers are fully aware of the things they’re stealing from the brokenhearted?

If we hold them accountable for their actions, does that set a precedence to hold yourself accountable?

By all means this shift in society needs to happen. The Me Too movement helped bring awareness around the peripheral issues of abuse, but where is the movement for childhood sexual abuse?

Is it that society fears these rotten individuals?

I’ve seen more kindness extended to abusers than I have seen granted to their victims.

This is just so wrong.

Don’t be scared of them. Is their depravity to difficult to reveal? If they were capable of murder, they’d do it to keep their victims in silent suffering. Don’t pity these prigs!

I ain’t mad at nobody! Don’t get me wrong. I walk in constant forgiveness, releasing the crimes my body holds scars for.

That’s not what I mean – walk around angry and confrontational.

Accountability is different.

My daughter’s’ father abused them physically, sexually and chronically with his mouth. When they were teenagers, I allowed them to seek their own from of retribution and hold him accountable. They made signs with a picture of his face and wrote, “a pedophile lives in this neighborhood.”

Their father had to go around those many blocks and take those signs down.


If the courts and society will do nothing to help you, do something to help yourself! That I know is God approved.

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