Grief is a Grizzly Bear

Why is it that the articles on healing and the many counselors that are not trained in sexual abuse, try to ignore grief? Think about this for just a minute.

If you are walking around crying or showing your pain, isn’t that considered an unhealed person?

Seems to me that the world accepts us when we are put together, smiling and on the mend.

I call poppycock on that!

Healing hurts. Grief is the natural response to loss. If you haven’t grieved the losses of your past, you cannot heal.

God would mandate that you feel what happened to you. I know this to be true. It’s your choice, for sure, but the only way through the valley of healing your pain, is going to take some grief to get through.

Before I learned how to become available for myself and appropriately available to my children, I had to learn to be vulnerable and feel the pain. There is a burden through the valley of healing and that burden is to express your pain.

God will gather your tears and hold them for you. But – He can’t catch those tears if you don’t release them to Him.

You don’t have to walk around a depressed mess – that’s not what I’m talking about.

Cry! Mourn! Feel!

That’s how God heals you.

It looks messy but it feels terrific!

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