The Timbers That Fell

Do not believe that pedophiles get off scot-free. I believe they do not.

My father and his friend got away with murder. On my father’s death bed I told him the “other guy” might be going to jail. My father said, “for the child molestation?” And I said, “No, dad, for the murder.”

You see I believe there is a life after death. In that life after death, there is an accountability for each one of us.

No one gets off scot-free.

In the early years of healing, it felt like the pedophiles had all the power. They were, by some means, the tallest timbers in the forest, weren’t they?

I’ve learned that is not true.

The biggest trees in the forest might be the oldest, but they are far from the wisest. Old-growth forests, sometimes simply called “old growth,” are just that: really old woods. Accordingly, they are marked by the presence of exceptionally old, typically large-diameter trees that are living, dying, and dead.

Living, dying, and dead. Wow! It’s perfect example for old pedophiles that have not asked for forgiveness from you.

They are old, yes, but they are also living, dying and dead.

Do not fear them! Old-growth is far better for firewood than anything else.

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