Courage to Catch the Contagion

Just as laughter is contagious, so is healing.

I’m leaving a home I’ve lived in for 12 years. The person I was when I moved into this house is almost no longer with me. I was scared, lonely, confused and angry. I knew pieces of my story, but not all of it.

I was chatting with a friend on the phone the other night and I realized just how much I have grown. God came into my life in a big way. He sat me down and opened the doors to my past. All of the doors!

Whew! It’s been an incredibly painful journey but one I would do again.

Healing is contagious – once you begin, you truly don’t want to stop. Although, it is a path for the courageous.

There is no more hiding secrets, holding on to grudges so you can stay close to your abusers – it all comes out. Each and every ugly piece.

Denial is a thing of my past. Oh, sure, I might deny that the calories I consume or how much I drink or other fleshly things, but I do not deny the deepest, richest parts of Jodie. I allow them to breath, feel alive and show themselves.

Fearing the darkness and shadows that lurked all around me is something that now just holds glimmers here and there. It used to walk with me daily. I was scared of just about everything and everybody.

Not so now.

God is good, God is gracious and He didn’t stop until He proved to me that He Himself bore witness to each crime perpetrated against me. He is bigger than my past – much bigger and He will see me through.

Catch the contagion of healing! It’s awesome.

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I have the courage to tell my story to help others embrace theirs.

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