What Can They Do to You?

Posting the pictures of Dad and Craig yesterday, or telling my story time and time again, I feel a slight tug of fear. I also fear their old regime where I had to listen to them, and be loyal to them at all costs to myself.

That is not my reality today, only because I have debunked those myths they drove into my soul time and time again.

Death no longer walks with me. I left it with them.

I feared their retribution and retaliation. In the end, there was nothing more they could do to me. They’d taken what they wanted, left a vacant hole and then moved on.

They didn’t care when they were abusing me, and they didn’t care – EVER.

I had this myth that love lived somewhere inside of them. It truly did not.

I had this myth that they would want to reconcile with me and tell me they were sorry. They did not because they believed they did nothing wrong or at least they weren’t going to own it.

I had this myth that they would fight strong proving their integrity. That lasted a very short time and they gave up.

The truth was the more I confronted them and regained myself, the stronger I became and the weaker they got!

It was a beautiful thing to witness.

All those fears I had listening to their threats and accusations that I was a liar and would never make it past my story; well, I did make it. Not only that, there was a bright future waiting for me.

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