Wickedness Prevails

Doesn’t it seem sometimes that bad people get ahead? Doesn’t it appear that the injustices of this world grow each day instead of diminish?

Why is that?

I went to my mother and sister last month and asked for their help unearthing the bones of the murdered woman still buried on their property. These two despise the truth and abhor what is right.

Why did I go to them?

At my request, the Vancouver Police Department said they would take a look at my cold case file. I was elated – for a minute. Believing they were onboard, I called my mother and sister asking for their help.

What a fucking joke that was.

Leopards don’t change their spots, and liars don’t stop lying and covering up the truth.

I told these two I had hired an excavator and we were ready to proceed. It was time to make this matter right and return the murdered woman to her family.

My sister went off about not having any knowledge the first time I brought an excavator in and she wasn’t going to allow it this time. Her husband told me, “Your sister has planted trees over the area now.”


Trees? Are these people for real?

Not only did they tell me they would not help, they then called the police station (knowing the case was again being looked at) and told the officer the exact opposite. My sister claimed that in her kindness she had allowed me to excavate the first time and she just couldn’t allow it again.

The officer was done reviewing my file after her call!

My heart nearly sank to hell after I received his call. My daughter, through tears, asked me, “Mom, why does it seem like evil people always win?

I didn’t have an answer for her then, nor do I have one for her now.

This I know: The truth is still the truth.

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