A Mortal Wound

Incest and all childhood sexual abuse is truly life threatening. It is a mortal wound.

Will you live or will you die?

A mortal wound is an injury that will ultimately lead to a person’s death. Mortal refers to the mortality of a human. Being strong gets old. Looking for the glass half full is tiring. The journey of finding peace can feel elusive at times.

I must be careful as I journey on through life. The battle to disengage and hide seems ever with me. The courage to trust, harder still.

These many wounds that my soul has carried have threatened my life more than once. Sometimes when I hear of a person passing on to the other side, I envy their position. They’re gone now. No more pain. No more misery. No more suffering.

The balance between wanting to live and wanting it to be over. The struggle to carry on.

I know I now have only one way to answer that question – I will carry on. And, my will grows stronger each time I make that decision.

Life can be brutal. Life can also share its bounty of beauty.

Which will you choose?

The choice remains mine.

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I have the courage to tell my story to help others embrace theirs.

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