Creatures of Habit

God gets such a bad wrap for the works of bad people. I don’t get it. God did not crawl into bed with you and rape you. He didn’t hit you and make you succumb to His wishes.

He’s gentle and kind. He calls out to you tenderly with mercy and grace.

Yet, time and time again, we blame Him for the evils people commit against us. We can find no other place to hang the blame, so we place it on a magnificent God.

You know what I know? He can handle that.

What we should be doing instead of getting mad at God, is blaming the people who hurt us. Walk up to them and tell them what wretched human beings they are.

Is that ungodly?

I believe the contrary is ungodly! Telling abusers that everything they did to you is ok through your silence.

Somehow, we blame God and let our abusers off scot-free. You think you don’t do that? Then, ask yourself these questions:

**Have I confronted my abuser with my own words?

**Do I sit at a holiday table with them and let the infection of silence destroy me?

**Do I still regard their peace and satisfaction above my own pain?

It’s so easy to blame God when we haven’t held our abusers accountable. Herein lies the grand difference: telling your story and your pain is the only way you can truly be set free. You will continue to live out a lie when you deny the story of your abuse. Your abuse will live on through your story, showing it’s ugly head in all that you do. In the partners you pick, in the choices you make and your relationship to God will suffer as a result of you mocking your own pain through your habit of denial.

Don’t do it!

Find your worth. Tell your story to a close friend – even your cat if no one is around. Just tell your story. You’re worth it!

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I have the courage to tell my story to help others embrace theirs.

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