Clouds of Mercy

What is mercy? It is compassion or forgiveness shown toward someone whom it is within one’s power to punish or harm. A home of incest has no mercy. Any child who has been abused by an adult was shown no mercy.

That’s a tough way to grow up – without mercy.

An adult holds the power to display or withhold mercy. When mercy is withheld and harm happens to a child, a dramatic event has just occurred in that child’s life.

There is now a breach of trust. That trust will not be easily restored, if ever.

Time and time again as I have walked closer to the God of the bible, His mercy is displayed to me. When I should have received a punishment or harsh consequence for an action I’ve done that wasn’t right, I have often seen His grace and mercy play out in that situation.

When I thought more harm would come to me, I’ve seen events changed.

Do I now trust completely? Oh, heck no, but God’s working on that.

I returned to my family and asked for their help in unearthing the human remains that lay on their property. They not only denied my request, they called the local police department and made a false report. They absolutely lied to the police.

Why is that abusers’ stories are heard with far more belief than the stories of victims? I simply do not understand it.

I think one reason is that the abusers’ stories allow reporting agencies to close cases quickly and get on with other, easier crimes.

My family obstructed justice through bald-faced lying and the police department accepted it.

For all of you out there that this happens to, and I believe there are many of us, stand strong. Do not let their lies persuade you from the truth. You know the truth and so do they.

I hope these abusers are praying for mercy, because they’re going to need it some day.

It matters how you live!

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