Teacher, Teach Me

What if you had no teacher? No direction? No one to show you a good way to go?

Welcome to the world of incest.

Oh, I was taught as a child. I was taught that lies are the same as truths. Facts don’t exist because they can be manipulated.

Trust was earned through whole obedience to the master of ceremonies – the abuser.

Deception is so carefully taught that many of us don’t learn to truly untangle the lies. We didn’t earn our abuse or want our abuse by being born to them. God didn’t want us to be abused.

If you return to your abusers and try to talk with them, you’ll see a wicked thing. Their eyes still dance with their incestuous love for you. They adorned you with their treasures of lust and they believe they still see all they’ve left in you.

Don’t fall for their bullshit. Run as fast as you can the other way. It is NOT love.

Teacher, teach me not!

Take back your power from them. Speak your truth to them. Let them squirm. Do not believe their lies. If they are sorry, they’ll ask for your forgiveness. If they demand your forgiveness they are operating in full manipulation.

I have a teacher today that I learn from daily. He speaks His kindnesses to me and teaches me the way of love. Wrapped in His warmth and protection, I carry on. I’ll not be swayed by evildoers ever again.

Today, I have the strength to walk on without them. I leave with them my full forgiveness so I am unhampered with any expectation of change from them.

Envy, lust and greed sit at the table of abusers. Keep your distance. WHY WOULD YOU BRING A BAG OF SNAKES WITH YOU?

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