Unhealed Wounds

I wish I could give a bracelet of love to every human being that needs one. Some of us came from a territory that had no love in it.

Unkept. Unwanted. Unloved.

I wish I could just have kept the past hidden, away from the world’s view and, more importantly, away from my own view.

I hate my past. I hate almost everything in it.

I wish I didn’t.

Until the time my children were born, there was nothing good to bring with me.

How do wounds heal? With time. With diligence. With more pain. That’s how.

I wish I could make an island of immunity for all incest and sexual assault victims. Once you reached the island, you would have nothing to prove to anybody. Healing is so often delayed as a result of these victims being abused again and again by not only a system that is not designed to help them, but by families who deny their suffering and well-intentioned folks that want to hurry them along so their life is not disturbed with their story.

An island of immunity. Wouldn’t that be amazing? A place to heal. A place was suffering was allowed. A place you were 100% believed.

Sounds like paradise to me.

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