Slashed Wrists

Suicide was such a prevalent enemy that was with me as I traversed the waters of growing up in treacherous abuse. As a child in a home of such control, there was no way to even consider attempting suicide. That, too, would not have been allowed.

It’s strange how such powerful control takes over every choice you have as a child. It was all I knew – follow.

To lead would take me most of my lifetime to learn.

The idealization of suicide was a romance novel hidden deep within me. Strange as this sounds, I didn’t even think I had the right to find a way to complete it. I went from the controlling parental relationships straight into another Nazi-like leader in my first husband.

I truly didn’t exist; to the point that I couldn’t find my value enough to perform the act of suicide.

That seems an oddity to write, but it was the truth of the hollow person I found myself to be. I was void of any and all control. I handed myself entirely over to other people. Ironically, that led me to more suicide ideology.

What did all that reasoning and inaction equate to? A life lived dull, at half speed and barely able to breathe. Happiness I never found in those days. I simply existed.

Praise God! Today I live out loud, full of strength and energy to conquer what ever it is my day brings.

That didn’t come without years of battling.

Suicide is the cost of pain unseen; unrecognized the suffering ends when the person’s life is extinguished.

Today, I look at that deadened indifference I used to have for my own life and am thankful for it – it helped save me!

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I have the courage to tell my story to help others embrace theirs.

5 thoughts on “Slashed Wrists

    1. Yes, sadly true. I’m sorry about that experience – all of your experience around him. It’s complicated. I am doing well! I pray you too are seeing better days! xoxoxoxo

  1. My Father attempted suicide several times. His pain was unbearable even more so during those times and he was very misunderstood. I have carried his pain for many, many years. I am so grateful that you are here sharing your story with us. Your impact on the world will enable people to begin their own heal journey and know the freedom of being able to share their stories too. Much love to you Jodie <3

    1. I’m so sorry for that struggle. That had to be so intense. Michelle, thank you so much for being here with me on this journey. Your words encourage me tremendously. Much love to you 😍

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