A Praecipe of Danger

A praecipe is an order requesting a writ or other legal document. I wrote to the prosecutor’s office requesting a search warrant to go unearth the human remains of the murdered woman. They denied my request and sent me back to the Vancouver Police Department (VPD).

I was devastated but decided to write to the Chief of Police in one final plea.

I heard back from them on Wednesday that they have agreed to review my case, one more time. A sergeant called with the fantastic news that a detective was assigned and would be contacting me. I just need them to issue me a search warrant.

I’ve been a bit devastated at the news. While elated that this dreadful thing of the past may once and for all be resolved, my inner danger alarms were reactivated.

When I made a choice to stand up against my past and face the full truth that lives there, I couldn’t have imaged the strength is was going to take to defeat it.

Tremendous this battle has been.

The courage to defeat the dragons is still alive in me. I feel danger’s grip at the news of possibly being able to return to the grave and complete my mission of justice.

God, grant me this final request for closure. Let’s slay the dragon of incest and murder forever and ever in my family line. Amen.

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