Carry On

In a world that doesn’t really seek much justice for victims, its hard to carry on some days. Oh, this world casts a large net around “justice issues,” but that is a very different thing than standing for the rights of an innocent person. It seems the guilty have more notice than the innocent suffering in silence.

I’m not sure why that is, but it’s much easier for folks to get behind a cause, than a human being, especially a human being that is innocent and suffering.

What is innocence? Does anyone ever really chat about that?

We have all kinds of shows trying to figure out serial murderers and rapists, but where is the podcast that celebrates or wants to understand what it feels like to be the innocent? Sure, there a few I can think of like the Innocence Project, they work to overturn false court convictions and that’s great work.

I am talking about a different kind of innocence that goes unnoticed. The rape victim that receives no special attention after her abuser is not convicted or deeper still, a rape victim where the offender doesn’t even receive a visit by the police.

I hear the roar of the innocent. Loudly. Clear is their ring!

Where is my justice? Where are those that long to see my predators serve time?

I’m telling you – does such a agency, person or organization exist? One that serves just the needs of the innocent?

I was raped several times as a child and then a teenager. My children were also raped by their father. Where is the justice? Oh, my girls told the police. You know what they heard after a short investigation by the cops and their father passed a “paid for” lie detector test? The investigating officer called me and said, “It was a long time ago, and there was no rape.” At the time, my oldest couldn’t express the full extent of her abuse. So, the police were saying it was ok that her father sexually touched her because there was no penetration?

I’m sorry but WTF!

I went to the police about a woman being murdered. MURDERED! I also went to our county prosecutor’s office about a MURDER. Nope – they don’t have time.

I am flabbergasted and disgusted.

One thing that keeps me carrying on is that I don’t need an agency in this world to tell me that there will be justice. I serve a great big God who tells me there will be!

I will remain forever in His service. Carrying on His good work to free His people in whatever way I can.

God shows up in our lives to bring healing, justice and peace. Wait for Him.

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