A Spirit of Guilt

Guilt isn’t necessarily a result of something you’ve done wrong. It very well could be a result of something you’ve done right.

What do I mean?

I’ve told the truth so many times about my family of origin. Their misconduct and brutality has been uncovered. I sometimes carry guilt because of this.

I know I’ve talked about it before, but isn’t it easier to just walk away from abusive people? You leave the shame and guilt behind when you just walk away. If you don’t talk, you haven’t violated any unspoken rule with them. By remaining quiet you are keeping the rules of our society, too!


Well, what if you do talk? What if you expose the truth in full, loud detail – with a scream!

You will feel guilt. You will feel remorse for telling on them. It’s a normal part of this treacherous journey.

Maybe I could turn guilt into an Acrostic poem?

Good Intentions

Utilized by Storytelling

Initiated Growth

Love and Laughter

Tangled Web No More

So many issues with GUILT – been there, done that so many times, I’m cancelling its subscription.

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