A Death Certificate

A certificate is an official document attesting a certain fact.

Last night as I was falling asleep, I cried and chatted with the Lord. I conferred with Him that because the murdered woman in the ground has never been given a death certificate, I haven’t been able to grieve properly.

I saw myself uncovering her bones, falling to my knees and crying out loud over her: over her life; her death; and the fact that no certificate of her death has ever been issued. She lays in a grave, under years of rubbish, unknown to her family and friends.

This got me thinking about all such death in life that goes unnoticed, uncovered and receives no official attestation.

The death of a small child’s innocence. The death of trust. The death of hope.

Childhood trauma leaves so much death in the life of the survivors. Sadly, they are never given a certificate authenticating that tragedy. They limp along trying to recover, trying to “reparent” themselves and on and on the journey of recovery goes.

If I could grant you all one thing, I’d grant you this:

The gift of redemption from a loving heavenly Father. Only He can restore what has been taken.

I hope it strengthens you, helps your pain and loss be recognized and leaves you with some peace.

All love!

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2 thoughts on “A Death Certificate

  1. I don’t know what to say. This is so incredibly poignant and touching, and I think you’ve said it beautifully. Lives lost, the ‘unknown’ people who’ve left this world rendered almost invisible because of no identification or no family or no answers as to what happened to them. It’s heartbreaking, as it is for those who’ve lost someone and can’t grieve without the comfort of answers. xx

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