Sandals of Unworthiness

I’ve struggled for years with worth. What is my worth? Where do I belong? What value do I bring to the table?

I was raised with only privileges, no rights. That’s a tough concept when you dissect its meaning.

Time and time again my father told us kids, “You have no rights, only privileges in this house.”

What was he saying to us?

A privilege is a right or immunity granted as a peculiar benefit, advantage, or favor. So, just showing up as his child gave me no rights only those things that he would grant to me.

WOW! Just wow!

I still have to explore how that operates in my life today. If my childhood formed me, and it certainly did, what advantage did I receive by having only privileges granted to me by another human?

Oh, there were many advantages!

I showed up with the advantage of always listening to others. I had the advantage of never choosing anything but offering up my choice to who ever happened by. I had the great delight to offer myself up, unreserved and unabashed, to everybody.

I’d been taught no value outside of giving myself away.

That is profound.

Sandals of unworthiness – placed on my feet very early in life.

I’m taking those sandals off and throwing them away. They don’t belong to me anymore.

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