Does Prince Charming Exist?

When I left the theatre, he was standing at the stage door, the handsomest man I’d ever seen.

My heart missed a couple of beats. Honest, I knew the minute I laid eyes on him that this was going to be something in my life, something I’d been wanting a long, long, time. I closed my eyes a minute and made a quick, silent wish that it would be.

It was. God, how it was!

I wasn’t born yesterday, (circa 1935), page 95

Since the beginning of time, we wait for our suitor to come collect us, fix us – take care of us.

Do Prince Charmings really exist?

[This is the actual book]

When I write about being married four times, it isn’t with pride that I explain I’m ok with that. It’s with the truth, that I am ok with that.

I was confused, lost and disturbed when I met my first husband. I’d come through a life of hell and he showed no different than what I knew. When I tried to have a voice with him, he’d silence it. When I tried to walk away, he’d apply force.

I was his prisoner for 18 years, not his wife.

He was not my Prince Charming. As a matter of fact after about year 10 with him, in a prayer, I begged God that if I had to stay married to him, He would have to help me like kissing him. I didn’t like him and I didn’t like kissing him, but I thought being good meant staying with him.

I wasn’t living a fantasy with Prince Charming.

Does Prince Charming exist? Are the romantic novels just fantasy?

In an earlier blog, I explained how I read this book to my grandmother on Tuesdays when she went into assisted living. She had read it in her early 20’s and wanted to read it again.

My grandmother had lived through a lot. In her 90’s she was left with the wisdom that her experiences had brought to her. I lived with her a short time in my 30s. During that stay, I met a man that swept me off my feet. He bought a home for me and my girls to live in. Furnished the house and adorned me in fine clothes from time to time.

He took me, my girls and grandma out to eat often and lavished us with gifts.

One day Grams and I were chatting. I told her, “He’s the man of my dreams.” She looked straight ahead and said, “It’s like it’s almost too good, to be true.” I knew exactly what she was saying to me. He wasn’t too good to be true. I learned other hard lessons with him.

You know what Prince I search for now?

I don’t set myself or my husband up for failure today. We live and love the best way we know how. No pedestals. No judgment. Love, mercy and grace works best for us.

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