A Mouth of Decay & Rot

Do you know what keeps incest alive? People who know how to keep a secret, that’s how.

The underbelly of the snake of incest can only be exposed with the action of words. The words of its victims.

This battle started with my belief system. What would I believe? Who would I believe? Would I take their words and keep them in the dark recess of my mind or would I expose the truth?

It’s a battle that only the victim can start.

Sadly, I’ve actually heard incest survivors say, “I’m pretty sure my father sexually abused me,” but I’m not going there. Another told me, “My mother told me she knew my dad sexually abused me, but there is no reason to explore that.”

They will stay in the prison for another person’s crime.

It breaks my heart each time I recognize another victim who will stay encased and suffer through in their silence.

Does it help to be quiet about it?

If I had a thorn stabbed into my little toe, no one would see it. I could hide that pain, maybe forever. The truth about that thorn not being removed is that it would fester. Soon, the festering would turn infectious and the infection, over a long period of time, would threaten the life of the person who hide it.

Suicide, depression, and loneliness take out so many victims because they are absent in their very own story.

My words are sometimes difficult to read. I write out the truth in an effort to expose the reality of incest, give some order to it for the victims, and stand against it.

If I can do it, you can too. I am committed to each fellow survivor. I’ll continue to share. I’ll continue to post. I’ll continue to stand with you.

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I have the courage to tell my story to help others embrace theirs.

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