Shame on Society


The first time I heard Robert Anda present the results of the ACE study, he could not hold back his tears.

The Body Keeps The Score, page 148

The Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (ACE Study) is a research study conducted by the U.S. health maintenance organization Kaiser Permanente and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The ACE Study is one of the largest investigations of childhood abuse and neglect and household challenges and later-life health and well-being.

The ACE study concluded that, “although widely understood to be harmful to health, each adaptation [such as smoking, drinking, drugs, obesity] is notably difficult to give up.”

When problems are really solutions.

Society judges what they don’t understand. They want to close their eyes to our nation’s largest public health problem.


Is it they may have to look at their own life and find neglect? Would they have to reimage what reality looks like for themselves?

Maybe it casts too bright the light of truth and they would see themselves through that light?

What other reason would you neglect such a national concern? As a nation, we fight and fuss over the most ridiculous things when all the while millions in our nation can barely stand through their pain, they are dying daily as a result of childhood neglect and abuse. Then, the lack of empathy and further rejection they receive from the outside world makes it almost impossible to seek change.

So what if they smoke, ask them why? If you see a stranger falling down drunk, hold them and tell them you’ll help them find another solution.

If you see a drug addict begging for money to ward off sickness, take them to lunch and ask them how you can help.

Listen to them, and do not give them judgment; give them your love, offer them your respect for their unseen struggles and hand them your acceptance.

I understand all about my problems [smoking, drinking, drugs, obesity] being my solutions.

Do you?

Father, my prayer today is that you take down this stronghold that is strangling some of your people. Father, set each person free who is reading this today that needs a release. I cannot contain my tears this morning as I remember all of those suffering souls in your kingdom that need your help. Cause them to focus on the true problem, their pain. Remove their focus from their symptomatic solutions and then show them what your redemption looks like. In your mighty name I bring this request before you. Amen.

Break my heart, Father, for what breaks yours.

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