Precious Cargo

In the night hours, sometimes my soul aches for change. Sometimes, now in the night hours, my soul is relieved that I have passed through the worst part of healing. Sometimes in the night hours I soothe myself by crying out to God.

Sometimes in the night hours I still feel like that little girl – powerless, alone and afraid.

The little child in me is my full responsibility and I take charge of her. She is my precious cargo and I guard her now, as no one else can.

I do my best to speak kindly to her, to tell her that her warfare is over. That it’s safe to play, it’s ok to sing and laugh as freely as she’d like. Most importantly, I tell her that she is now allowed to dream.

What is it that we shall dream today little girl? Do you want to live in a new territory away from the many predators that live in close proximity to you? How shall you work out being free in play today?

What is your biggest dream?

“Happiness,” I can hear her whisper. “Freedom from envying for a better life,” she sputters.

“I hear you today,” I say in my return words to her. “I will do my best to keep you free, satisfied and singing. Play! No one can hurt you now.”

And, play, I certainly will. Love I can receive and give now.

Take good care of the most precious cargo you carry – yourself!

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