Bleeding & Thirsty

My entire childhood was riddled and racked with painful events. I’m ok now and ready to take down this beast of incest. It’s been hiding and hanging around for centuries.

I’m all done letting it hide.

This beast gains strength in the silence of its victims. I see it time and time again. Victims of these crimes stay silent. They stay loyal to their families of origin because they were betrothed to them, often through the sacrifice of their own blood. We want to be good children, good siblings and good people. We question what is right.

Isn’t betraying your family wrong? Wouldn’t God want us to love, forgive and stay beside them?

I’ve heard this message given to incest survivors for centuries. To be good you must stay and forgive. Wash extra dishes at Christmas and your love will redeem these abusively wicked people.

I just cannot stay silent any longer. It’s all poppycock! Don’t wash their dishes or sit at their tables. They don’t love you anymore today than they loved you when they were abusing you.

Please remember that when you bled, they offered you no comfort. When you were thirsty for love and protection – what were you given?

Why now would God have this be your problem to correct?

It is not your problem to fix this. It never was. And, do not honor them with your silence. It’s not God’s way for you to suffer any longer. Open your mouth and speak out about your pain. Open your mouth and silence the mouth of the liars.

God will be with you. Of this I am sure.

Give the battle to God and walk away. Love, forgive – send cookies if you need, but please – with everything that is good, first separate yourself and walk away. You cannot learn love, freedom or forgiveness until you are at a safe distance from them.

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