Am I, “All Done?”

Healing in our humanity is more of a journey than a destination.

Sure, I can be done, if I choose to be done. Or, can I? Each time I cross another milestone and regain another piece of my inner structure back, I think to myself, “this time, I think I might be done with all of this.”

Is that really possible?

Oh, this journey for sure ebbs and flows, but to speak over my life that I will never heal another area seems to me some kind of death sentence to an area that may need some love, right?

Instead of saying, “I’m all done,” I think the better phrase is, “I’m done for today.” We can only do so much each day. Let the days bring what they will, the years will follow and the minutes are really our masters.

What will we choose to do with our minutes today? That’s the question, isn’t it? How we get through our minutes tomorrow is our concern tomorrow. My minutes today will get me through this Thursday.

That’s good enough for me.

I’ll never be done trying to live the fullest life I can live. I want to live it out with pure love that I’ve found along the way. I want my table to be filled with grace and mercy towards myself and others.

I long to share a meal with good friends and family. These are the musing from me today.

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