Encoded with Predator DNA

What predator ever spoke true kindness to you? Which abuser made you feel good about yourself and worthy of good treatment?

None that I had.

Every single abuser that has come through my life wanted to discount who I was, make me feel inferior to them and ultimately believe I was not worthy of love.

This belief system gets embedded into the lens we use to look at ourselves.

I have never been good enough by my mother’s standards. However, if I look at her standards with a scope outside of their tainted world, it’s easy to see how wicked and wrong they have lived.

Why then do I still believe that sometimes I am unworthy of love? Why do I believe that my body will never represent what it should in the way of beauty?

Their DNA was tainted with reproach and had the stench of rejection written all the way through it.

I’m tired of listening to those old lies. “You’re not worthy. You’re not good enough. You’re fat. You think you could outsmart us? Ha! We got away with murder.”

And their voices carry on in the doldrum tone of years past.

I need to be all done with their poppycock! They are liars, abusers and want me to believe their miserable words.

My prayer today for myself and each victim is that God would set us free from the destructive voices we entertain. These voices are not His. Words that come from the throne of God are first peace-loving, gentle, and kind. They are the first fruits of all love.

Today, I’ll dwell on my new DNA that God is trying to use to redefine what I believe about myself. I need to see myself through the eyes of a loving Father, and one who extends Himself to me with full grace for my past mistakes.

With these gifts I can carry on.

I need to leave the bags with tainted DNA behind me!

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