Marbles & Nuggets

My mind is doused in the do’s and don’ts of healing. Do self-care, don’t allow harm. Do stand up for yourself, don’t allow mistreatment. These marbles make an effective game but it’s the nuggets in life that I dig for.

Truths that were already formed before I came to this planet are the nuggets in life I long to find.

Peace is a nugget. A gift from the throne of God that comes cascading down when we spend time in His presence.

A marble, if dropped, can be a difficult little item to hunt down. When a nugget is dropped, it remains steadfast and still.

These nuggets from God’s kingdom are the pieces of my life that cause me to be still and know that I’m going to be ok.

Marbles can be easily lost, while nuggets should be kept in safe places and guarded.

Like the love that shines down from above. That’s a nugget! Nothing on earth can compare.

There is this other nugget of wisdom that my heart beats to – J U S T I C E ! The lack of justice can be consuming. It can keep us from the love of other people and it can keep us from the love of God. Injustice is a bitter pill that too many swallow.

Here’s a nugget I hold on to: God has been watching since the beginning of time. He has seen every action and noticed every crime committed against His people.

Oh, justice is coming. Of that I am certain! God has never left His throne.

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