Interview | Day of the Murder

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I am posting this because there is unfinished business, because there is more than can be done and more that should be done. I want this 50-year-old cold case to gain traction, to bring some kind of justice to this murdered woman.

Seeking justice for this murdered woman, I posted to unsolved crime communities on Reddit. I received some great suggestions, one of which was to video tape the events, tell the facts and circumstances and so on. I created a YouTube Channel (A Prisoner By No Crime of My Own). There, I will post a multi-part series. Part I – the events as they happened the day of the murder.

It’s taken me awhile to be able to do this. It isn’t easy to share. I’m vulnerable and quite raw today.

I know God is with me and wants me to do this. There needs to be justice for this crime.

I wish my grandmother were still alive today. I’d watch a TV game show with her and have some tea with milk and sugar. Her warmth is still with me.


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