Curses & Betrayals

I had a presumptive contract with my parents when I was born to them. I had to trust them as I came into their world, I had no choice. Betrayal started at the moment I took my first breath into this world or maybe it started before I came out of my mother’s womb?

If I was still in her womb, would that be considered more of a curse than a betrayal?

She has always told me she didn’t want me. Was I cursed then from my start? Cursed to believe I was unlovable and unwanted. Betrayed to the point that I believe I can and will never trust anyone?

A curse can be an offensive word or phrase used to express anger or annoyance. A curse can also be a solemn utterance intended to invoke a supernatural power to inflict harm.

I believe with all my heart my mother cursed me with the use of supernatural power. Her and my father’s eyes both told the story of the demons they housed. My father’s betrayal was severe but I believe her curse carried a stronger control.

Unfortunately, it’s taken me more than half a life time to discern these differences, to own the freedom I have found walking into the light of the kingdom of God. And, the curses and betrayal have left a residual, lasting impact.

That effect is that I will not stop fighting this battle through telling my story until I leave this planet and go back to the One who made me. The battle has been won for me. It is the promise of the cross.

Those curses I received over and over as I lived in their house? Yeah – they didn’t ultimately work. I stand on the promises of God.

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