Little Red Riding Hood

Unlike the character in the story, I didn’t have to walk down a path in the forest to find the wolf, I lived with the wolf every day.

The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) study assessed 17,000 patients’ experiences of childhood trauma, including:

*Physical abuse

*Verbal abuse

*Sexual abuse

*Physical or emotional neglect

*Exposure to domestic violence

*Exposure to household members who were substance abusers

*Exposure to household members who were mentally ill, suicidal or imprisoned


The study applied a score to participants for each ACE factor they had experienced.

Obviously, I’ve had most.

The study concludes for me that I will be more prone to depression, likely to use substances, and 12 times more likely to attempt suicide. The study goes on to tell me I am more likely to experience social, emotional and cognitive impairments, and that I am at greater risk for physical illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, chronic lung disease and liver disease.

Holy shit!

Extended periods of time living in close quarters with the wolf could and did bring severe damage to me. That’s true.

My story doesn’t end there.

I am successful. I have two beautiful children and four adorable grandchildren that I cherish. I have a husband that loves me and I love him. I have wonderful friends. I enjoy cooking dinners for those that I love. There is nothing better than a night singing karaoke together.

The wolf didn’t get me. I got the wolf!

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