Take Courage!

Keep me safe, Oh God

for in you I take refuge.

psalms 16:1

I haven’t always been this brave. Brave enough to tell my story, that is.

As I matter of fact I have failed more years that I have been successful at it. Maybe that’s what bravery is all about.

Doing something even when you’re not sure how it should be done.

Telling family secrets is better than telling your family’s lies. Shouting words of obscenity at the truth of the past is better than speaking kind words of denial.

That is what bravery is all about. TURNING THE WAVES OF DENIAL, PUSHING BACK AND MAKING A DIFFERENCE. The difference is speaking your truth. It doesn’t matter that no one stands with you.

Stand anyway.

If I had continued to stand with my family of origin, it would have cost me my relationships with my daughters. That in turn would have alienated me from my precious grandchildren.

When I look at what I lost by giving words to my story and sharing them with you, I have lost nothing. It has all been gain. But, fear has gripped me a few times. Fear has tried to tell me that I was going to pay for putting my story into words.

Fear has fumbled and my faith has prevailed.

I am speaking my words that craft my life story. More importantly, I spoke them afraid. Courage is a daily routine. Shunning the shame of the past and beaconing new territory each day, I move on through this beautiful journey of living.

I will continue on even if I am afraid.

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I have the courage to tell my story to help others embrace theirs.

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