Is Rejection the Real Culprit?

Pain, mercy, abuse – it’s all born out of rejection. When my father was dying he and I had a six-hour conversation. We talked about a lot. I asked him who hadn’t seen his pain. I pushed the question again, saying, “Dad, was it your mother who didn’t see your pain?” He looked down at his half eaten leg, the sad outcome of a diabetic complication and then looked over at me with a great despair.


My dad’s life had been filled with it. Unfortunately, he gave to me and his family exactly what he had the most of in his bucket.

Hate is strong word, I know. Hate is the only tool strong enough to want to ultimately kill a child’s life through such heinous crimes.

I was being tasked with restoring to him what I did not steal.

Was it fair? Hell no! Did I endure it long enough to out run it? Yep.

As I look back through the files of my life and listen to the stories of others, isn’t it rejection that is the ultimate cause of disease, death and despair?

What is abuse if not rejection? The end of the road in all maltreatment is just that. We are spurned of a person’s affections. Cut off. Dismissed and forsaken.

What has healed me the most in my life is that I’m now an adopted kid. I have a new family. I am a child of the King. The family I came through was just an earthly passing. I’m going home some day to the place where I belong.

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