Trajectory thru Tragedy

I work in a busy corporate law firm in the Downtown area of my city. When everyone around me is stressed out and struggling, I’ve found my place by being able to step in, calm the situation down and quickly find solutions. As a result, I am now a director and run a few departments in the firm.

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A good counselor that believes in you can rewire your brain, and help change your destiny. I have one of those counselors. He once told me people who come from similar pasts do not often overcome their traumas.

There are things that I use from my past that help me greatly in my career. As an example, when things are on a crash course at work and everyone has their stress hats on, I can walk in and keep my peace.

You know why?

No one is being raped or murdered.

When I first met my counselor, he told me I lived on red alert. He said he will have felt he’d done his job well if I could learn to live more in the amber alert zone.

I’ve used living on high alert to my strength, not detriment. Sure, there is a cost to stress but many things in life just don’t stress me out like it would another person.

No one is being raped or murdered.

Use what you can to your benefit. Fear is different than stress. Stress is different than anxiety and so on.

Choose the trajectory of your path. Don’t let it choose you.

Me and My Husband

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6 thoughts on “Trajectory thru Tragedy

  1. This is so inspiring. It’s wonderful that you have taken these terrible experiences and derived such strength from them. I’m so glad you found such an amazing counsellor too.

  2. You have survived and regained your freedom

    Ptsd is an invisible prison and yours started before your mind had developed

    Childhood trauma starts before we know what willpower is

    It takes courage and ability to action

    When we heal we have developed traits others do not possess

    You can go into chaos and be calm because you developed that skill to survive your trauma

    Now you applied it

    I always say incorporate your strengths in all we do

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