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I’ll show you what the inside of my cell looked like, to help lead you out of yours.

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Finding Fault

Growing up in incest, it was placed on me at a very young age, to find fault in myself. I got great at it. I can still be good it at! Finding fault in yourself certainly takes your eyes of the guilty, doesn’t it? These folks are masters at disguise and turn life into aContinue reading “Finding Fault”

Real Talk

I see so much misguided fear around abuse of children. Talk of sex trafficking, kidnapping and abductions by strangers run rampant on the news, on the internet & in family circles. These views show me that we haven’t learned much as a society about the realities of childhood sexual abuse. At all. Yes, these thingsContinue reading “Real Talk”

The Timbers That Fell

Do not believe that pedophiles get off scot-free. I believe they do not. My father and his friend got away with murder. On my father’s death bed I told him the “other guy” might be going to jail. My father said, “for the child molestation?” And I said, “No, dad, for the murder.” You seeContinue reading “The Timbers That Fell”

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