You Don’t Have to Live Here

I’ll show you what the inside of my cell looked like, to help lead you out of yours.

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Interview Transcript: Episode 1

I had an lovely reader on Reddit transcribe the video interview. Her belief is that many would rather read the transcript. This interview is from the murder all the way through to her burial and back home. Here it is. Blessings to you today! WARNING: The following transcript contains descriptions of sexual and physical violence. Continue reading “Interview Transcript: Episode 1”

Curses & Betrayals

I had a presumptive contract with my parents when I was born to them. I had to trust them as I came into their world, I had no choice. Betrayal started at the moment I took my first breath into this world or maybe it started before I came out of my mother’s womb? IfContinue reading “Curses & Betrayals”

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